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Gary B. visits with recovered coronavirus patient Reagen Yeager

Reagen Yeager (pictured above, center, with father Brian Yeager and mother Tanya Thomas Yeager), 21, contracted the COVID-19 virus about seven weeks ago.

She has recovered quite nicely, but had quite an experience with the virus.

White River Now’s Gary Bridgman recently interviewed Reagen, and she gave details about how the virus affected her, even to the point of losing a couple of things.

“I did lose my sense of smell and taste and that lasted a couple of weeks after I felt 100 percent better,” said Reagen. But it did allow Reagen to add something to her diet that she likely would never have eaten.

“I do not eat eggs. I think they are disgusting. And I ate eggs for breakfast, like, every morning. I couldn’t taste them, so it was fine.”

Listen below to Gary B.’s entire interview with Reagen Yeager as she discusses her experience as a coronavirus patient.


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