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Confrontation over missing handgun leads to arrest of Independence County man

An Independence County man is now in jail after a confrontation over a missing handgun.

The affidavit of probable cause for arrest said the incident occurred on Saturday, August 29, at the residence of the victim on Barrett Lane. The court documents said the confrontation was over a missing .45 caliber pistol, the property of the victim.

The incident report, contained in the court record, said when the victim asked Shaun Matthew Davis, 35, (pictured), about the missing handgun, Davis became upset and said: “Let’s settle this right now.” 

The affidavit said the victim then pulled his pistol, pointed it at Shaun Davis, and ordered him to leave the house, which Davis did.

Police said in their report that a nearby witness observed Shaun Davis “…peel back out of my neighbor’s driveway, and shoot a gun twice.” Police added they found a .45 caliber shell casing on the ground, and the victim’s truck appeared to have been struck by gunfire, resulting in a damaged front tire.

Shaun Davis was interviewed by police on Sept. 3, 2020, and said he had a confrontation with the victim and that the victim was the aggressor.  

Davis did admit knocking a phone from the victim’s hand. He also told police that prior to the confrontation, and unknown to the victim, he did remove a Springfield .45 caliber pistol from under the victim’s bed. Police say he also admitted that he shot a tire on the victim’s truck as he was leaving the residence.

The court information said Shaun Davis was taken into custody on the same day in the parking area around Triangle Cafe. At the time he was found to be in possession of meth. He was also charged with five traffic violations.

Davis is in custody and has been charged in Independence County Circuit Court with felony theft of property, misdemeanor criminal mischief, and misdemeanor third-degree assault on a family member.  

 A bond has been set on Davis of $5,000.

Image via Independence County Detention Facility

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