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Gary B.: Latest COVID stats from Independence, Stone counties

Four deaths related to COVID-19 in Independence County have been reported since Sunday and Monday of this week. The four bring the number of COVID-19-related deaths in the county since March of this year to 12. The county currently has recorded 823 positive cases with 73 of those cases still active.

In neighboring Stone County, officials have now recorded 250 cases of the virus. There are currently 61 active cases. And there have been four deaths in Stone County attributed to COVID-19.

Stone County Judge Stacey Avey told White River Now’s Gary Bridgman that the growing number of cases in that county suggests residents are not following Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s strong recommendations of social distancing, wearing, masks, and frequently washing hands. Plus the judge said local gatherings also do not appear to be adhering to the governor’s suggestions either.

“We’re going to have to be more careful,” Avey said. “I think we [seriously] need to take the precautionary things that have been suggested. I think people got tired of having to do the precautionary things, and as we think it’s going away, it’s actually getting worse.”

Avey said Wednesday’s session of Stone County District Court was canceled due to two clerks in the district office testing positive. The judge told Gary B. those scheduled for an appearance to be heard on Wednesday (today) will need to call the district court on Monday, Sept. 14.

For official stats from the Arkansas Department of Health regarding the number of COVID-19 cases by county of residence, click here.

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