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County tax collections up, unemployment numbers down says Griffin

Independence County Judge Robert Griffin said Wednesday that Tax Collector Paul Albert’s report shows this year’s collections are up over $200,000 as compared to last year.

Judge Griffin said it was anticipated that collections would be lower when compared to last year, so the increase was a blessing.

He said being up .68 percent is really good news. The Judge also added that the county’s unemployment numbers in August were at 6.2 percent. The nation was at 8.4 percent, and the state was at 7.4 percent.

Griffin also credited County Clerk Tracy Mitchell and her office staff for the outstanding way in which the voting process is being handled. He said a good deal of the credit goes to the poll workers.

He noted that Independence County voters can cast their ballot in an expedited manner when compared to some other counties that are experiencing waiting in lines at the polls.

Judge Griffin also said he will be meeting with medical experts in the community who feel that, after the election, we could be “overrun” with COVID-19 if we don’t pay attention and plan.

The judge also said if the half-cent sales tax passes and is permanently extended, he wants to have the proceeds put in a budget line-item that designates it to be only used to hard surface county roads or resurface them, whichever the case may be.

He said he feels strongly that blacktopping roads will bring the most progress in
improving the county’s road system over the long haul.

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