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Pit maneuver by sheriff ends chase in Cave Creek area

What started as a simple traffic stop by an Independence County Sheriff’s Deputy on Jan. 29 ended with an unsuccessful fleeing attempt and two going to jail on multiple charges.

According to the incident report, Independence County Sheriff’s Deputy Nick Ade saw a Chevrolet S-10 pickup driving in the Cave Creek area with no lights illuminating the truck’s license plate. When Ade attempted to stop the vehicle with his blue lights and siren, the report said the vehicle fled.

Other deputies and Sheriff Shawn Stephens assisted Ade in the pursuit. After deputies deployed spikes in the chase, three of the suspect’s truck tires deflated, and before the S-10 could reach Highway 167, the report said Stephens successfully utilized a pit maneuver to end the chase.

The driver, identified as Jason Richard Malin (pictured), 39, of Cave City, was taken into custody as was a passenger in the vehicle, Tammy M. Odell, 47, of Floral, according to the report.

The incident report noted a search of the truck was made in which a “crystalline substance” was allegedly found in the purse of the passenger as well as in a baggie located in the glove compartment of the vehicle. A set of digital scales was also found. The substance later field-tested positive for meth, according to the report.

Malin and Odell were transported to the Independence County Jail and charged with eight misdemeanors and two felonies.

Image via Independence County Jail

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