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Citizens Bank, Batesville Schools honor Kim King for going ‘Above & Beyond’

Kim King (pictured above, left, with Citizens Bank’s Ashley Engles), special education teacher at White River Academy, was named Monday to receive the April “Citizens Bank Above & Beyond Award.”

Since 2012, Citizens Bank and the Batesville School District have recognized staff members who go “above and beyond” to realize the district’s mission to empower today’s students for tomorrow’s challenges. Staff in all schools and departments throughout the district nominate award recipients, who receive a Certificate of Excellence, a $25 gift card, and a 20-ounce insulated tumbler from Citizens Bank. The award is presented at the Batesville School Board meeting each month.

Willing to teach in any setting with a heart that cares, fellow staff spoke of King’s commitment to seeing her students succeed:

  • “Mrs. King has demonstrated time and time again her dedication to her profession, her love for her students, and her willingness to take on additional responsibilities. She will come to work early and stay late to make sure that deadlines are met. She travels to other school sites and other locations to provide educational services to students. She is a fine example of what a professional should be.”
  • “Mrs. King does whatever it takes to make sure her students are successful. She is willing to give up her own time to work with her students, and she will even work with her students off-campus, if necessary. Mrs. King loves her students, and her students love her.”
  • “Kim fits the bill for ‘Above and Beyond’ on a daily basis! Her relationship with every student she meets shows how much she truly cares! Always with a happy spirit, she helps her students learn, be it here at W.R.A, the High School, students’ homes, or wherever she needs to be to connect and encourage them. She shares that same uplifting spirit with coworkers and staff. She’s truly a blessing!”
Image via Citizens Bank

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