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Gary B.: Mountain View man named Arkansas First Responder of the Year

Article by Gary Bridgman

He was there in attendance — but had no idea what was coming his way.

It happened in Hot Springs at the Emergency Medical Technician or EMT State Convention, held earlier this month.

The Arkansas First Responder of the Year Award was being presented. The master of ceremonies told the large gathering some things about the award recipient.

The recipient had served on two volunteer fire departments — Mountain View and Allison — for over 21 years, providing first responder and EMT services.

First responders and EMTs provide out-of-hospital emergency medical care and transportation for critical and emergency patients who access the medical services system. EMTs have the basic knowledge and skills necessary to stabilize and safely transport patients.

The recipient of the Arkansas First Responder of the Year award can not only perform as a first responder, but he can teach it as well.

In addition, the recipient — Ricky Shuttleworth (pictured, receiving his honor) — has served on the Mountain View City Council for 10 years.

In other words, he has dedicated his life to serving his community.

When asked if the award came as a surprise, he said, “Yes — a big one!”

Congratulations, Ricky Shuttleworth!

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