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Authorities investigate weekend shooting incident


Independence County authorities are investigating a shooting incident that injured two men over the weekend. According to the incident report, sheriff’s deputies were called to a Haynie Drive residence on Saturday night in reference to gunshots and yelling.

Upon arrival, deputies found two males in the front yard: a 24-year-old with a gunshot wound to his leg and a 22-year-old with a bloody laceration to his head. According to the report, Sgt. Bobby Tate observed a leather belt being utilized as a tourniquet around the leg of the gunshot victim in the yard before first responders arrived. Tate was able to place a Combat Application Tourniquet under the belt to help with the loss of blood.

Inside the residence was a 41-year-old man with a large amount of blood on the groin area of his clothing due to a gunshot.

The report said that the victims in the yard reported a male subject “…just pulled up in the driveway and started shooting,” but the victims would not give “a name of the suspect.”

The gunshot victim inside the residence said he managed to wrestle the gun from the suspect, and a Sig Sauer .9mm with blood on it was later located in the residence’s front yard.

Both gunshot victims were taken to White River Medical Center.

While authorities were on the scene, dispatch notified deputies that a male claiming to be involved in the shooting called 911, but would not cooperate and give further information.

Authorities say the 911 phone number provided by dispatch yielded the name of a possible suspect. The incident report said a deputy went to a known location of the suspect, but the suspect could not be located.

Sheriff Shawn Stephens said this morning that while the victims are not being very cooperative with the investigation and not forthcoming with information, the incident is still under investigation.

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