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Keelboat Aux Arc to travel the White River

For the first time in over a century a replica of a boat that brought goods to what was Poke Bayou, and now Batesville, will travel the White River from Batesville to Jacksonport State Park.  

The keelboat Aux Arc (pronounced Ozark) will leave Batesville’s Riverfront Park on Thursday, March 22 and arrive at Jacksonport on Friday, March 23.

The keelboat and crew will arrive at the Park on Wednesday, March 21.  On Wednesday, the public is invited and welcome to view the boat and talk to the crew about their previous adventures and the role that a keelboat played in the development of northeast Arkansas.  

The Aux Arc, built by members of the Early Arkansaw Reenactors Association (EARA), was launched in June of 2004 and has traveled numerous waterways in Arkansas, Florida, and Louisiana.  The Aux Arc was built to replicate the downriver voyage of the Dunbar-Hunter Expedition of 1804/05, which explored the Ouachita River to the Hot Springs. To that end, beginning in 2004, and yearly after that, the Aux Arc began traveling from Camden, Arkansas the Ouachita River.  Traveling 80 to 100 miles each year, the Aux Arc reached the Mississippi River in 2011.  For more information contact Ed Williams, (501) 944-0736 ( or visit the EARA website at:


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