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Local Mexican restaurant to approach Southside City Council for a liquor license

Monday night, the Southside City Council met for regularly scheduled business where members were informed that progress continues to be made in paving streets and adding street signs throughout the city.

Multiple bids were discussed and approved for various infrastructure projects throughout Southside including a bid for tree trimming along McHue Road, a bid for paving Kari Brook Lane, and approval for Mayor Ray Bowman to request an additional bid for a concrete footer for a chainlink fence that may go around three-quarters of the City Hall building in the near future, dependent on the receipt of a matching grant.

Also, one of the part-owners for Las Playitas Mexican Restaurant was in attendance and addressed the council with a request for a liquor license.

This would be the first establishment to be granted permission in the city’s history since it was incorporated. Thus, last night, it was noted no decision would be made until the council has had the chance to meet with a lawyer well-versed in the manner of issuing liquor licenses for restaurants and ask any questions.

Bowman also stated that it could take months before a final decision is made since an ordinance must be created with significant support as to where the city stands on the issue of an establishment’s ability to seek a liquor license.

“Whatever we write, we’ve got to make it where it fits for anybody else that may apply… We’ve got to be sure we do it right”, said Mayor Bowman.

The council hopes to meet sometime next week for a special meeting with an attorney out of Searcy to further discuss the legalities behind creating an ordinance pertaining to businesses that may request a liquor license.

The Southside City Council will meet again on Monday, Nov. 11 at 7 p.m. at the Southside City Hall.

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