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Cheer, Steppers, Prancers success at BSD

Featured image: Batesville High School Charter Cheerleaders

Dance teams and cheer squads from the Batesville School District have plenty to celebrate during the summer break.

At their first overnight National Dance Alliance (NDA) camp, the Batesville Junior High Steppers were awarded:

  • An NDA National Championship Bid
  • A ”Superior” rating for the Team Performance
  • Silver — in the Team Performance Circle of Winners
  • The Herkie Teamwork Award — given to the teams that showed extraordinary sportsmanship and teamwork throughout camp
  • An NDA Spirit Stick


The district said many Steppers received spirit and showmanship awards for class one and class two dances they learned and four Steppers were nominated for All-American with three of those ladies winning the spot for All-American: Reagan Savage, Lillian King, and Lucy Montgomery.

The Batesville High School Charter Prancers also recently attended an NDA camp. The Prancers were awarded:

  • An NDA National Championship Bid
  • A “Superior” rating for the Team Performance
  • An NDA Spirit Stick

Out of the entire camp, Carissa Cordell and Grace Hubbard won the Leadership award.

Five girls were nominated for All-American: Grace, Carissa, Tisha Cannon, Cristal Martinez, and Rebekah Nast.

Grace, Carissa, and Tisha were selected for the All-American team, and other Prancers won many awards for showmanship, spirit, and technique, according to the district.

The Batesville High School Charter Cheerleaders won first place in both their Band Chant and Game Day Cheer routines at their recent National Cheerleader Association (NCA) Camp Competition.

Arden Fraiser was awarded the Leadership award — which was given to only one high school girl at the camp.

Ten of the 15 girls were nominated for All-American. Ryan Mulick (pictured below, right) and Marshawna Guthrie (left) made the All-American squad, with Marshawna winning Top All-American from the entire camp.

The district said Arden and Marshawna were also asked to try out for NCA Staff after graduation, two of only three girls from the entire camp that were asked.

Images and info provided by Batesville School District

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