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Man charged after stabbing incident at Watermelon Festival

More information is becoming public about the Saturday stabbing at the Cave City Watermelon Festival.

In Independence County Circuit Court, 29-year-old Killian Starr Daniel Day (pictured below) has been charged with that stabbing.  

His charge is second degree battery — a felony.  

Day is also charged with three misdemeanors:  refusal to submit to arrest, fleeing on foot, and disorderly conduct.

According to the arrest affidavit, Cave City Police Department Patrolmen Bladen Croslin and Adam Fitzsimmons were at the festival patrolling on foot when they heard yelling behind them.  

Fitzsimmons said as he turned, he saw a man with a firearm grabbing another man, identified in the affidavit as Killian Day. Patrolman Croslin identified the man with the gun as Henry Malensek.  

Fitzsimmons said he yelled at the men to get their attention and that’s when Malensek stepped back, holstered his firearm, and told him Day had tried to stab someone.  

At that time, Day began to walk away even though Patrolman Fitzsimmons, who began to chase Day, was ordering him to stop, the affidavit said.   

Fitzsimmons said Day finally stopped running, and that’s when he took the knife, a stainless steel colored fixed-blade knife, from Day.

Fitzsimmons said as he was taking the knife, he noticed a holstered, black in color, handgun in Day’s front waistband. By that time, other officers had arrived on scene to assist Fitzsimmons.

The patrol officer said Day then attempted to draw the handgun but was stopped by Croslin, the other officers, and himself. Croslin said he and the other officers took the handgun from Day and placed him in hand restraints.

Croslin added that Day said he stabbed the victim because he was trying to steal his girlfriend, according to the affidavit.

Croslin said Patrolman Fitzsimmons then found the victim, identified as 26-year-old Dalton Alaniz, bleeding from a one-inch laceration to his head. Alaniz refused medical attention.  

According to Croslin, Alaniz said Day started a fight with him over a female, and when he began to fight back, Day brandished a knife and struck him in the head, the affidavit said. Alaniz told Croslin Day then ran off.

Sharp County Deputy Bobby Glenn transported Day to the Independence County Jail. Day’s bond was set at $10,000.

Image via Independence County Sheriff’s Department

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