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“I will kill you and your entire family, and there is nowhere to hide.” Authorities: Stone County man jailed after threatening deputies and first responders, resisting arrest, more

A Stone County man was jailed Tuesday after exhibiting almost uncontrollable actions after a rollover, according to a press release from the Stone County Sheriff’s Office.

A deputy was dispatched to the 500 block of Big Springs Road on a single car rollover.  Upon arrival, the deputy saw Justin Guy, 38, standing over what appeared to be a victim of the accident, apparently trying to get the victim up.

First responders already on scene said Guy was pushing on them as they were trying to administer first aid.  The deputy said Guy mentioned that he was driving and was afraid he was going to be charged with DWI.

Additional deputies arrived on scene and assisted in placing a resisting Guy in a patrol car, according to the report. Guy had already threatened the first deputy on the scene along with the first responders. The report went on to say that Guy continued to resist, kicking out the patrol car’s rear glass. He continued to threaten officers, and then he crawled over the back seat and grabbed a shotgun from the patrol car.

Deputies managed to wrestle the shotgun from Guy and place him again in the back seat. The police report said deputies witnessed Guy continue to make threats saying, “I will kill you and your entire family, and there is nowhere to hide.”

After deputies took Guy (a previously convicted felon) to jail, they obtained a search warrant for his residence and recovered a firearm and ammunition.

The report also noted Guy’s behavior in jail was destructive. Damaging the fire sprinkler, he flooded his cell while continuously hitting the walls, door, and ceiling with his feet and fists.

Prosecuting Attorney Holly Meyer formally charged Guy on Wednesday with: aggravated assault; second-degree battery; terroristic threatening; interference with emergency medical personnel and/or first responder; possession of firearms by certain persons; refusal to submit to a chemical test; and resisting arrest.

Prosecuting Attorney Meyer also said Guy was being charged under the Habitual Offender Law.  If convicted, his sentence would be enhanced.

Justin-Guy-1.jpgJustin Guy / Image via Stone County Sheriff’s Office

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