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Propane when you need it: Gary B. talks to area dealer about delivery in extreme cold

Many folks in rural areas of our region heat their home with propane. So I wanted to take a look at what a local propane dealer goes through to deliver propane to their customers during this “double dose” of snowfall and single-digit temperatures.

I visited with Robbie Sutton, one of the owners/operators of Stone County Propane. Sutton and her brothers, Kevin and Kenny Green, have operated Stone County Propane for 34 years.

Robbie said customers are being served with roads off main highways that are very slick and almost impassable in certain places. Robbie said the weather affects the 18-wheelers who deliver the company’s propane supply, as well as Stone County Propane’s bob trucks that make deliveries to their customers.

For safety purposes, Robbie said Kevin and Kenny drive their delivery trucks with other company drivers going along. Teamwork is keeping it safe while getting the deliveries made, she said.

Robbie said you can’t be too careful navigating the current conditions. She said the supplier is making it to Mountain View, and the company’s supply of propane is holding up. She also noted it is good that customers are being conservative with their use.

So far, Robbie said the company has not missed a delivery.

Robbie said her company certainly appreciates the Arkansas Highway Department and County Judge Stacey Avey and the Stone County Road Department for their outstanding diligence in keeping the roads as passable as possible.

She said the good news is that one can now see the pavement in some places, and melting is on the way.

I say, “What a positive personality.” Thank you Robbie for a look at what it takes to help people in rural Arkansas stay warm and comfortable.

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